153 new Coronavirus cases in Indonesia, here is the distribution maps

The Coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia is increasingly worrying. Only two days later, 153 new cases have been found.

This COVID-19 outbreak should not be underestimated, because the spread is very fast. Vaccines for the Corona Virus have not been found so the level of spread cannot be controlled.

What’s more, the fact that this Corona Virus can spread only with direct or indirect touch and also air. No wonder if until now, its spread throughout the world is unstoppable.

In Indonesia alone, until this news was revealed 1046 positive cases of COVID-19 were found. This means that within two days from Wednesday, March 25, 2020 there were 153 new cases. This increase is very significant, which means that this plague is still roaming and threatening every corner of the country.

“This shows there is still transmission within our community,” said a government spokesman for handling COVID-19, Achmad Yurianto, Friday (3/27/2020).

In other words, the Indonesian people must really increase their awareness of the threat of this virus. Moreover, in the capital city of Jakarta, which is now the most heavily polluted area in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, from 153 new COVID-19 cases, the following is a distribution map:
Aceh 1 case
Banten 17 cases
DI Yogyakarta 6 cases
DKI Jakarta 83 cases
West Java 20 cases
Central Java 3 cases
East Java 7 cases
West Sumatra 2 cases
South Sulawesi 2 cases
Lampung 2 cases
West Papua 2 cases
Under verification process 7 cases.

For information, from a total of 1,046 cases that have been found so far, a total of 46 people have recovered. However, the death rate has reached 87, which means the percentage of deaths reached 8%.

The percentage is very high, only two percent different from the highest percentage of deaths carried by Italy. Please note, Italy now has recorded more than 80 thousand cases of Coronavirus with death cases more than 8 thousand people.

So, people must understand that this outbreak is a very serious threat. Take good care of your health, eat more healthy food, maintain your personal hygiene, get enough rest and most importantly stay at home to prevent this outbreak.

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