2 midfielders who makes Juventus mighty next season

Italian Serie A champion, Juventus brushed aside all public responses that they would find it hard to get world-class star players. But who would have thought if they were able to answer all these doubts successfully hijacked Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid in the 2018 summer transfer market yesterday.

The advantage is clearly obtained by Juventus with the arrival of Ronaldo, their game is getting better and is now the strongest team in Serie A. Even though it has brought in champion mentality players like Ronaldo, Juve’s ambition to get a trebel winner this season still makes them feel excited to bring in other players.

This season it was clear they failed to get the treble winner title because they were eliminated in the Coppa Italia after losing to Atalanta. The defeat did not necessarily make them give up to fight in the next season. Thus the desire to strengthen the team continues to be carried out by Juve and one of them is to strengthen the depth of the squad to face next season.

One step they have got is the success of bringing in a classy player named Aeron Ramsey who was successfully brought in from Arsenal in the 2019 winter transfer tournament yesterday. Although success got his wish, it seems Juve is not satisfied and wants to bring in more players.

Here are some of the midfielders who can make Juve even stronger in the next season and it is certainly an obligation for them to get the midfielder:

1. James Rodriguez (Bayern Munich)

James Rodriguez is now a Real Madrid loan player for Bayern Munich. Together with Munich, Rodriguez appeared to be anxious because he lacked minutes to play, causing speculation to leave the next season.

If you dissect Rodriguez’s quality, what is produced is the ability of the player who has the quality of the technique and his left foot is able to change the situation. With the age of 27 years, Rodriguez claimed to be at the point of his best performance.

Although Juve has many midfielders such as Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa and Federico Bernardeschi, Rodriguez’s superiority in playing in various positions could be their secret weapon at important times in big matches.

The support of bringing Rodriguez was also born from the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, where the player knew the character playing Rodriguez and was considered very suitable to fill Juve’s midfield void if there was a lack of players’ stock.

2. Isco (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid, now coached by Santiago Solari and this situation is not good for Isco, who find it difficult to get minutes to play. It didn’t stop there, the emergence of the Brazilian wonderkid Vinicius Junior made it increasingly difficult for him to get a play allotment.

Previously, Isco had struggled to shift the position of Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio, but both players were able to perform consistently and Solari did not side with Isco. This situation led to speculation that Isco was uncomfortable and ready to leave Madrid next season.

This opportunity should not be wasted by Juventus and the quality of Isco can no longer be doubted by how he presented the Champions League title in 3 consecutive matches. In that sense, Isco will be very suitable to fill Juve’s midfield on a mission to help Ronaldo score.

Isco himself looks open with Juve’s interest and is willing to feel the hardness of the Italian Serie A next season. However, in the mission to get Isco, Juve is required to work hard because the name Isco is also included in the book targeted by Manchester City and Chelsea.

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