2 reasons why Ernesto Valverde shouldn’t at Barcelona

The 2018-2019 season is arguably a bad season for Barcelona, because they failed to speak much in the Champions League stage because the semi-final round was knocked out after being crushed by Liverpool. The failure gave an answer to the disappointment of winning the treble winner this season.

The failure in the Champions League this time was quite heartbreaking, where they came with a high sense of confidence because they were winning 3-0 on aggregate in the first leg yesterday. But who would have thought, in Liverpool’s second leg, the hosts won 4-0 at Anfield.

It was clear that yesterday’s results greatly reduced Barcelona’s level of play, despite dominating the game, but Lionel Messi cs was unable to score a single goal at Liverpool. Liverpool themselves finally won through two goals from Divock Origi and Georginio Wijnaldum.

This situation clearly did not get a positive response from some Barcelona fans, moreover the failure was not much different from their failure in the previous season which ran aground in the Champions League semi-final against AS Roma.

For this reason, they urged to let Ernesto Valverde out from Barcelona. The image of the coach is known as a pragmatic figure. The composition of players this season is always similar from match one to another match.

In the sense that Valverde is not brave enough to apply tactics and the composition of new players in each match. Unlike the others, if you see many clubs doing new tactics when competing on the European stage.

Not only stop there, Valverde also claimed to rely too much on Lionel Messi. So if Messi is turned off, Barcelona doesn’t have any other tactics. Although he won the La Liga twice in a row this season, Barcelona’s quality has not been tested on the European stage.

This season is a tough season, and Valverde failed because he didn’t look in the mirror last season. Barcelona dropped the almost equal squad in the first and second leg against Liverpool. Though some players like Sergi Roberto and Philippe Coutinho performed poorly in the first leg.

Predictions will bring down the two players in the second half, it turns out they played since the first minute. And the decision was proven wrong because Coutinho was finally replaced in the 60th minute. When referring to the depth of the existing squad, Barcelona is superior to Liverpool.

Clearly a very visible mistake, and Valverde was unable to take advantage of the situation as Jurgen Klopp had done, who successfully scored a comeback history at Anfield.

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