2 reasons why Liverpool fail to win the English Premier League this season

Liverpool appeared with a new face in the English Premier League this season. The most visible thing is when they are able to win 10 points over Manchester City in early 2019. All parties consider that this season is the time for Liverpool become the champion.

Manchester City as a team member was considered to have run out of energy to pursue Liverpool and eventually they became the leading team as the champion favorites. However, this is the English Premier League, which always gives a lot of surprises, and it is very natural if they are called the World’s Best League.

Various reasons come when discussing the Premier League, and one of them is when Liverpool’s situation changed in March. Manchester City now are at the top of standings with 71 points and Liverpool are ranked 2nd with 70 points. That means changing positions occur and Liverpool are in a state of pressure due to being left behind by one point.

In the remaining nine matches, the Premier League fans and fans became even more excited as they waited for a surprise. Liverpool with a big aura are eager to end their title fast since 20 years ago. Whereas Pep Guardiola and Manchester City want to show the world that he can dominate the Premier League.

Referring to the situation, Liverpool were predicted to only need a fortune as Manchester City were in a good situation. Here are some reasons Liverpool will fail this season champions based on trusted sources.

1. History

Liverpool can be called one of the world’s biggest clubs, based on the history they made from the beginning until now. One of the histories Liverpool have is they are one of the English teams who have won the most Champions League titles.

However, they also have a bad history when the situation is dealing with champions. In Premier League history, only twice has the team topped in December and then failed to calm the title.

This situation is the same as Liverpool and now they are shifted by Manchester City. With history and a great burden, Liverpool are considered to be returning to failure and do not have a high mental confidence to deal with the situation.

2. Team Players

Jurgen Klopp can be said to be the most successful coach at Liverpool with a three-season career at Anfield until now. In his career, Klopp was able to provide the situation of the Champions League final and also challenge Josep Guardiola’s Manchester City in the hunt for the Premier League title.

Liverpool actually have good quality players, but their mentality still can’t compare to the mentality of an experienced team, and for that it is very troublesome for Klopp as a coach.

Reserve players such as Adam Lallana, Divock Origi, Daniel Sturridge, Joel Matip and Alberto Moreno are not at the level of the Liverpool starting eleven. When comparing with the squad that is owned by Guardiola at Manchester City, it is far proportional and not yet level.

We can see that Manchester City now have reserve players like Riyad Mahrez and Leroy Sane who are ready to be lowered if their core players are absent. With Liverpool entering the Champions League quarter-finals, it can be said that they are now in a situation of dilemma between choosing Premier League or Champions League.

Do not stop there, Liverpool must be careful of their star players such as Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah or Virgil Van Dijk. When their important players are injured, it is not impossible Liverpool will have difficulty ending the Premier League match this season.

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