2020 French Open: Rafael Nadal still remains a favorite

After being eliminated earlier in the 2020 Italy Open event yesterday, Rafael Nadal is still considered a strong candidate to win at the 2020 French Open which will be held from early October.

The “bond” between the Spanish tennis player and the French Open is clear. The 34-year-old has won 12 titles at the French Open, most recently in 2019 where he defeated Dominic Thiem in the final.

It’s just that, not a few also predict that Nadal might have a tougher challenge in a similar event this year.

This is due to several factors, including the emergence of two rising competitors, such as Novak Djokovic (Champion of Italy Open 2020) and Dominic Thiem (Champion of the US Open 2020).

Besides that, the fact that the 2020 French Open Tournament is being held in October, means that the weather will be cooler than in previous years.

Nadal himself seems to have a problem with the cold weather, this can be seen from his performance at the Italy Open 2020 yesterday. In fact, he was eliminated by the Argentine tennis player, Schwartzman.

Not to mention considering the fact that Nadal is already six months on Vacuum from the Grand Slam Tournament. However, Jim Courier believes that this has not completely changed the public’s view that the 34-year-old is still the favorite in France.

“On paper, he is definitely the favorite. But at this time it was not easy for Rafa after six months of absence. He is one of the players who did not play exhibitions during the vacuum. ”

“He has openly expressed how he needs a match to feel comfortable and confident. Surely he will feel anxious. But I don’t think it will bother him much in the first week. ” Said the former world No. 1 tennis player.

Meanwhile, the former British tennis player, Mark Petchey, believes Nadal will need time to adapt to the heavier ball weight.

“There are different balls this season, they use Wilson, seemingly slower than last season’s ball from Babolat, and the ball is bigger, which will make things even harder for Rafa.” Petchey said.

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