3 best soccer player-coaches

Wayne Rooney shows his love for English football after the last few days ensuring he joined the League Championship team, Derby County. This certainty also confirms the end of Rooney’s career in the United States with DC United.

Rooney with Derby County agreed in a contract for 18 months. Interestingly here, when the contents of the contract contain that Rooney is not only limited to players, but also doubles as a coach.

This system will start running when it enters January 2020. If it refers to the attitude of Rooney who accepts this challenge, then he is listed as a player who follows in the footsteps of his former colleagues at Manchester United, Ryan Giggs and Michael Carrick, who had become concurrent players.

Rooney himself admitted being ready to become a professional coach, he had already pursued a coach license. That is why he did not think long when the Derby offer came, and fortunately because the offer came from an English club.

“I’m pursuing a license. I already plan to become a coach when my career as a player ends, “said Rooney, who is 34 years old now.

The heat of this Rooney news then attracted the attention of our news team to look for other figures who have similarities with Rooney’s steps, and it turns out we managed to get the two figures and the following comments below:

Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish, known as a Liverpool legend, turned out to have a unique career journey, where he also had doubled as a player and coach. Interestingly here is the job was obtained at Liverpool.

The moment occurred in 1985 after Joe Fagan resigned. Liverpool itself also felt a great advantage, where in the eyes of Kenny Dalglish managed to present 3 English League championship titles and 4 Community Shield before leaving Anfield in the 1991 season.

History gives a lot of praise to Kenny Dalglish, including praise from former Liverpool player Jim Beglin. According to him, Kenny Dalglish has a positive aura as a player and coach.

“I think, to be a player as well as a coach, you have to be a great player and Dalglish is one of them,” Beglin said as a form of great praise to Kenny Dalglish.

Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany is a name that is still hotly discussed, in this day and age the player wants to show a new side in football. The former Manchester City captain went home to Belgium and joined Anderlecht.

At Anderlecht, Kompany was contracted not only as a player, but in the agreement contained that his role was also as a coach.

“The next three seasons I will undergo the status of a player-coach at Anderlecht. The best club in Belgiam. This might be surprising. This is the decision that made me most enthusiastic but rational I have ever made,” Kompany said.

Speaking of Anderlecht, the club is arguably very memorable for Kompany. How come? Anderlecht was a club that raised Kompany’s name in world-class football before finally moving to Manchester City.

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