3 candidates to replace Simon Mignolet’s position in Liverpool

Liverpool is actually not a team that failed on stage 2018-2019. They really failed to win the English Premier League, but Jurgen Klopp’s team managed to win the Champions League after defeating the team from fellow British representatives, Tottenham.

One of Liverpool’s successes in the 2018-2019 season is a strong and compact defense. The Reds defense was so solid that Liverpool was called a slightly conceded team both on local and international performances.

Liverpool’s defense now are getting stronger cannot be separated from the role of Alisson Becker. The Brazilian goalkeeper along with Virgil van Dijk made the Reds’ back line difficult to dismantle. The arrival of Alisson clearly disturbed the comfort of Simon Mignolet in the squad.

Now the figure of the Belgian second-tier goalkeeper must accept fate by always being on the bench. Feeling bored with the current situation, Mignolet is claimed to be ready to leave Anfield in the 2019 summer transfer market.

When Mignolet desires occur, then Liverpool must move quickly in the search for a new coating goalkeeper for next season. Here are three goalkeepers that Liverpool can consider in the summer to replace Mignolet:

1. Adrian (West Ham)

One option that is most likely to occur is Adrian, who is known for his contract to expire this season. After spending six years in London, there might be an intention for Adrian to look for new experiences or even become champions under Jurgen Klopp’s care.

Undergoing a day of uncertainty under Lukasz Fabianski’s position, this Spaniard might not mind moving the club and becoming the Reds goalkeeper. If the transfer value is going to be very good for both, then Liverpool will get this experienced goalkeeper in the English Premier League.

Adrian, aged 32, is considered to have a long career, and when referring to his current contract, the Reds are very appropriate when recruiting him because they have low prices.

2. Jack Butland (Stoke City)

Stoke City had to accept the bitter pill by being relegated last season, now the most deplored figure is Butland, who is predicted to remain in the English Premier League. The high prices have forced Butland to stay in the 2018/19 League Championship season.

If Stoke did not rise and finish 16th in the Championship, Butland was able to maintain his reputation by scoring 18 clean sheets in the league and finishing third behind Dean Henderson and Darren Randolph as the field star under the rule last season.

Butland’s charm is still very good at the English Premier League stage, and has a good chance of moving to a new club. Given the price is so high, rumors say if the Reds only dare to pour funds of 20 million Pounds.

3. Neil Etheridge (Cardiff City)

No different from Butland, Neil Etheridge’s charm also did not fade. Although Cardiff failed to return to the English Premier League, the Filipino national team was one of the few Cardiff players to appear quite impressive under the rule because they were able to penetrate the qualifying zone.

Under the rule the bad score conceded the most goals this season (69), but it all felt lost because Neil Etheridge was able to make 141 saves. In other words, if there was no figure of Neil Etheridge then the Cardiff goalkeeper could have scored more goals.

When it failed to advance to the English Premier League, maybe if later there were offers from Liverpool, Neil Etheridge would not reject it because the Reds reputation was good.

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