3 football legends with their young lover

The football player has a period where he has to stop, where it concerns age. They will be forced to “hang their shoes” because their physical strength is no longer possible to compete at the highest level of world football.

However, these factors do not prevent them from looking for a life partner. With wrinkle skin and grey hair, they are able to prove themselves still very attractive, especially for women.

Evidently, many football legends who have decided to retire have succeeded in attracting beautiful and sexy young WAGs. One proof occurs in Liverpool soccer legend, 57-year-old Ian Rush announced his engagement with Carol Anthony, who is currently 35 years old.

Dating since 2013, Ian and Anthony ventured to appear both in public. Interestingly, the inauguration of the love affair left the story of Ian divorced from his wife, Tracy, who had been establishing sacred relationships for 25 years.

The difference in age between Ian and Anthony in a relationship, admitted by both of them is not an obstacle. They enjoy and look very romantic at every moment that happens.

“We’ve talked about taking this step for a long time. We know each other’s commitments. I am very happy. I never considered the age gap as a problem, either when starting a relationship with rush or now,” Anthony said.

Interestingly here when the note answered that not only Ian and Anthony had a considerable age difference. Following this, our team delivered three figures of world soccer legend who successfully hooked young women.

David Ginola and Maeva Denat

The charismatic Ginola has been recognized since he played in the soccer field, many people think that Ginola is a playboy, because he has the superiority of his good looks. Evidently many women were infatuated with him, including the Maeva Denat.

Denat is 29 years old with no hesitation to become Ginola’s lover who turned 52 years old this year. They even become more happy after having a daughter.

Thierry Henry and Andrea Rajacic

Thierry Henry, who officially ended his relationship with Nicole Merry in 2008, tried to move on by starting a new romance with a Bosnian model, Rajacic, who is eight years younger than him.

Henry, 41 years old and 33-year-old Rajacic has been blessed with a son named Tristan, who was born in 2012. Till now, they are far from the gossip and live happily in France.

Peter Shilton and Steph Hayward

Peter Shilton who is the best all-time goalkeeper legend from England, bravely committed as lively as possible to a young and beautiful woman named Hayward. Their commitment started in 2016, making a record with 21 years age gap.

Now, Shilton and Hayward are trying to share other perspectives with this age difference, both of them can work together in the field of consultation.

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