3 MU’s best players under direction of Solskjaer

The figure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer really became a new idol for the public of Manchester United, answering all the doubts that exist, his figure was successful in doing extraordinary work at Manchester United. Solskjaer can now be called successful in solving all the problems left by Jose Mourinho.

Solskjaer managed to restore the correct path to the Red Devils with a record of 12 wins, one draw and one defeat. Now Paul Pogba and his teammates are in the hunt for one of the top four Premier League standings this season.

Solskjaer’s arrival was also claimed to have a positive impact on the mental confidence of the Manchester United players. The players who are struggling under Mourinho, are now slowly able to restore their best performance. Here are 3 players who are considered to be the best players of the Red Devils under direction of Solskjaer.

Anthony Martial

Martial, who was still under standard while handled by Mourinho, but now turned into the one of the most frightening young attackers. The proof is he has produced 9 goals and two assists in 20 Premier League matches this season. The coach himself claimed that Martial was one of the important players his team in the target returned to the top 4 position.

With the increase, Manchester United immediately gave a prize to Martial with a five-year contract extension that immediately received a positive reaction from Red Devils fans.

Victor Lindelof

One player who can be said to be the most sharply increased is Victor Lindelof. Had got a lot of criticism because he was unable to adapt in England, his name was mentioned worthy of being sold this season.

But all things began to change, because this season quickly turned into the best central defender at Manchester United. Evidently Lindelof is now more calm in mastering the ball on the defensive line, and is able to show good movements when defending.

The 2018 season is arguably a big season for Lindelof, not only has his performance deteriorated. But Lindelof got a fresh breeze by being chosen as the best Swedish player. Now Lindelof’s biggest mission is to stop Kylian Mbappe and PSG’s attack on France in the last 16 of Champions League second leg.

Paul Pogba

Starting from the coaching transition from Mourinho to Solskjaer, Paul Pogba successfully scored eight goals and made five assists. The percentage answered that this Muslim-blooded player was involved in the process of 56.5 percent of goals scored by Manchester United in the English Premier League.

Improving performance of Pogba himself was greatly appreciated by Solskjaer, and he mentioned that Pogba was the main actor in the game of Manchester United. You could say right now that Pogba has been in a remarkable performance since Mourinho left, and is still a big mystery why the player was unable to show it when under Mourinho?

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