3 possible clubs who could win Gareth Bale’s signature

Speculation about the future of Gareth Bale with Real Madrid is being shrouded in black clouds, where his figure is considered not worthy of entering Zinedine Zidane’s squad for next season. Then there are many questions, where is Bale’s next career?

This season all thoughts are on Bale who is expected to replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo. But unfortunately, all of that is beyond the positive expectations that Bale is more in the operating room due to recurring injuries.

For the last time Bale played for Madrid when he faced Eibar (2-1) last weekend. It was very clear that Bale’s performance was out of expectation, and the fans gave him a lot of criticism.

If you refer to what has been done by Bale, then he has given extraordinary results for the last three seasons. One of Bale’s extraordinary actions which is remembered most up to now is the goal in last season’s Champions League final to help Madrid win their third successive title.

But the big problem was when he no longer showed consistency in playing his best and instead seemed to decline. This season alone he even lost to Vinicius Junior who successfully became the new idol of Santiago Bernabue.

If analyzing Bale’s chances of leaving Madrid, then it can be said to be very heavy as many European elite clubs have turned away from him. As for only a small opportunity can occur as living clubs that lack front lines.

The following are three clubs that still have an interest in Bale outside of high selling prices.

Bayern Munich

The winner of the German Bundesliga is still so curious about the Champions League, and Bale can be the right player. Despite the small possibility, Bale could have been their new star if Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben left.

Manchester United

This rich English club still has an interest in Bale as they still lack front lines and Bale is considered right for them. In the past few years Red Devils have spent a lot of money with non-existent results, Bale allows giving new hope.

Tottenham Hotspur

There is nothing wrong when everything returns to the original owner. This possibility is small, but it still exists. Bale may return to Tottenham, but the problem is Spurs have just spent a lot of money to build a new stadium. Apart from these doubts, the possibility could have happened if Bale wanted to cut his salary.

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