4 awesome teas to help you lost weight

Having the ideal weight is everyone’s dream, especially women. With an ideal body weight, they are not only healthier and easier to move, but also more confident in appearance. Well, the fact is that ideal weight can be obtained by implementing a diet program.

Diet programs can be supported by consuming certain foods or drinks, including tea. There are several types of tea that in fact can help you lose weight. The following are:

1. Green Tea

The popularity of Green Tea cannot be doubted. People already know very well the benefits of green tea for health. The researchers found that green tea extract can increase the body’s metabolism, especially if consumed regularly. In addition, the routine of drinking green tea can also reduce levels of fat in the stomach.

2. Mint Leaf Tea

Mint leaf tea can also be used as an alternative to get the ideal body weight. In addition to the cool, refreshing aroma, this type of tea can also help you lose weight. But keep in mind, to get the best results you should not use sugar, because sugar actually adds calories and eliminates the efficacy of the tea.

3. Oolong Tea

Many studies have proven that Oolong tea is better than Green tea in terms of losing weight. Oolong tea can produce thermogenesis, which is the effect of heat which can burn more calories and suppress the formation of new fat in the body. One cup of oolong tea really helps us to lose weight.
Some of the ingredients in this tea can help increase the body’s metabolism, reduce fat levels and prevent obesity.

4. Black Tea

Actually Black Tea comes from fermented green tea so that the color becomes more concentrated even to black. The fermentation process in green tea turns out to increase the properties and benefits, especially in burning fat in the body. A study says someone who drinks black tea regularly will gain weight longer than those who don’t drink at all.

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