4 easy ways to prevent heart disease

There are various types of heart disease, and of these types, all of them are dangerous diseases and have a high risk of death.

In fact, everyone can get heart disease, whether for various reasons such as an unhealthy lifestyle or indeed have a weak heart condition.

Of course, we can’t just stand by, because in fact there are many ways that can be done to prevent heart disease. In fact, the following four ways to prevent heart disease are classified as very easy to do. Anything?

1. Exercise

Doesn’t exercise can trigger the heart to beat faster? Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to do it. Precisely with moderate intensity exercise, our heart muscles can work optimally, so that the blood can be pumped by the heart properly.

Experts suggest doing moderate intensity exercise for at least 150 minutes a week to get maximum results.

2. Healthy Diet

Experts always advise us to diet, especially those who have not ideal body weights.

In fact, excess body weight or often referred to as obesity triggers plaque buildup in the arteries, which slows down blood circulation.

This is also one of the causes of heart disease, because the blood pumping process does not run smoothly. In this case, Experts advise us to go on a Mediterranean diet.

3. Stop Smoking

Atherosclerosis is one of the many effects caused by smoking.

In many studies, smoking has been linked to heart disease risk. The higher the intensity of a person’s smoking, the higher the risk of a heart attack that can occur.

4. Routine Medical Check-up

And the last one is routine examination, in other words we must routinely check the condition of our heart as well as other organs. By checking, we will know in advance how our heart is and can take precautions earlier.

Those are 4 Easy Ways to prevent heart disease, where in essence a healthy lifestyle can minimize all types of diseases, including heart disease.

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