4 heartburn food triggers in the morning

Morning, especially on Monday are times when we are in a busy schedule, so there are very few things that interfere with the activities will be very annoying, not to mention defecating, until heartburn. In fact, heartburn in the morning is perfectly natural, but sometimes it is quite disturbing our activities.

Well, do you really like feeling heartburn in the morning? Don’t just ignore it, because the habit turns out to have a cause, one of which is due to food factors. Well, the following four foods can actually be the cause of heartburn in the morning.

1. High fat food

There are foods that have a high fat content, such as avocados, cheese to nuts. Although, this food has a lot of nutrients, it can actually make a stomach ache you know! Because these fatty foods will stimulate contractions in the digestive tract and make emptying of the stomach so slow. Well, that situation is what makes our stomach feel heartburn and want to defecate.

2. Spicy food

It is undeniable, spicy food with heartburn is indeed two inseparable things. Because capsaicin compounds contained in spicy foods, it can slow down the rate of digestion. That way, the food we consume can last longer in the stomach, this is what causes the stomach to feel heartburn.

3. Coffee

Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning is a pleasant habit, even some people will feel dizzy, if you do not do this habit. Even though the fact that the caffeine content in coffee can stimulate contractions in the digestive tract and make your bowels go faster. So do not be surprised, if after drinking coffee, our stomach will immediately feel heartburn.

4. Milk

Milk is indeed one of the many beneficial drinks for health, consuming it in the morning can strengthen bones and teeth. However, the fact is that research shows that whole milk can increase stomach acid production which is a risk factor for heartburn. So for those of you who like to drink milk in the morning, do not be surprised if heartburn always approaches.

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