4 tips help you feel excited at work!

Work is a routine that seems to be done by adults as a source of their income to meet their daily needs. Work can be said as a demand of life, for some people, when the work they do every day is not in accordance with passion and hobbies, it will produce a sense of boredom or boredom. When bored has struck, of course the results of our work are sometimes not optimal.

Well, here are some tips to keep your motivation and enthusiasm at work, please try it!

1. Ask for feedback

You may be an expert in your work, but without realizing it sometimes small mistakes can occur, so try to ask for feedback, a type of correction, comments and suggestions from colleagues or from your boss. With feedback, we will feel more enthusiastic at work.

2. Celebrating the success of others

Feeling losing inspiration? Obviously this is one of the factors a person experiences boredom at work. Though inspiration can be found anywhere, including by seeing one’s own friends who are successful in their careers. Try to think positively, join in celebrating friend’s success, because you will also be carried away with that positive perspective so that you add enthusiasm when working.

3. Try saying ‘no’

It is difficult to say no when our superiors provide additional work, even though additional work has the potential to increase pressure, so that we will easily feel stressed, lacking inspiration and boredom, so the job becomes imperfect. Therefore, try to say no when your boss or colleague gives you additional work.

4. Get some rest!

Working continuously will indeed generate a lot of money, for example filling vacation time with overtime work, then a bonus will await us. In fact, the body if forced to work excessively alias is also not good suspension. Therefore, trying to ignore overtime and the like, then enjoy your time off by resting is very necessary.

A body that gets enough rest in a week will be more refreshed when looking at the work day again. So don’t let the energy in your body get suspended, try to take a break from work’s fatigue.

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