4 tips to make perfect fried rice

There are many Indonesian specialties that people like, especially fried rice. In fact, not a few also people outside Indonesia who like this food. Naturally, the taste is indeed delicious, on the other hand it is also filling.

The plus point is that this one special food can also be processed or cooked at home. It’s just that many feel that the Fried Rice they make is not as good as the Fried Rice sold by vendors or in restaurants.

Therefore, cooking fried rice need to be considered the following tips, which certainly can make your homemade Fried Rice become more delicious.

1. Put rice into the refrigerator

Maturity of rice that will be used to make Fried Rice is very important. Of course this depends on each taste, but most people prefer crispy fried rice outside and still fluffier on the inside.

If you want to get fried rice with a crispy and fluffier texture, the rice to be used must first be left in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, remove the rice from the refrigerator, separate the lumpy parts, then it’s ready to be cooked.

2. Use a concave (wok) frying pan

Using a flat pan to make fried rice is fine, but for maximum results, use a wok pan, concave pan made of iron or aluminum or maybe other ingredients that are better.

Why is that? A concave frying pan can spread heat evenly on the sides of the pan so that the stirred material can cook together.

3. Use high heat

Considering that all the ingredients that will be used as fried rice are cooked ingredients, a short cooking process is necessary. To work around this, use high heat so that all ingredients have the same level of doneness.

Don’t worry, your cooking will burn, as long as the ingredients need to be prepared near the pan.

4. Add eggs

To complete the delicacy of fried rice it takes a few additions, but we must also prepare fried eggs. Fried eggs are the right combination, you can process them as you wish, such as scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, or omelets.

Boiled eggs don’t taste right to complement a fried rice dish.

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