5 easy ways to keep blood sugar levels in check

Blood sugar is one of the important elements in the body, its intake must also be balanced. If you lack of blood sugar, your body will feel weak, not powerful. But if excessive, this can lead to a variety of diseases, especially diabetes.

Blood sugar intake is very easy to obtain, we just eat foods that are sweet or high in sugar. However, this convenience actually makes people ‘too far’, so that their sugar levels rise and cause diabetes.

Therefore, it is important to maintain blood sugar balance in the body. The following five ways are claimed to be very effective for keeping sugar levels in the normal line.

Exercise daily

Well said, exercise is the best way to keep blood sugar normal. By moving the body’s sugar in the blood it can be used to replace body cells so that the sugar we consume is more beneficial.

But keep in mind, a good exercise to maintain blood sugar is not done one day or two days, but routinely, at least twice a week.

Fish consumption

Foods that do not contain sugar are hard to find, but in fact fish is one of them. Fish is certainly easy to obtain, the price is also relatively affordable. It is important to consume fish so blood sugar levels remain balanced. In addition, fish also contain omega-3 fats which are very useful for maintaining health.

Enough rest

Stress is one of the most common causes of various types of diseases, including diabetes. Therefore, avoid stress by getting enough rest.

Consumption of avocados

Avocado has a very useful content to control blood sugar, this content is in the form of unsaturated fat. This fruit must also be consumed every day because it can prevent type 2 diabetes. The easiest way to consume it is to process it into juice, of course without added sugar.

Avoid fast food

Fast food is delicious, but if consumed too often it is very dangerous for our bodies. High salt content can not only cause cholesterol, but also a dramatic increase in blood sugar in the body. Therefore, avoid consumption of fast food.

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