A comparison of Sarri and the previous Chelsea coach ‘Hazard version’

Chelsea star, Eden Hazard tries to share stories about his experience as a Blues player trained with various types of coaches from different countries. Right now, Hazard is working with Maurizio Sarri, after the official arrived at the beginning of this season from Napoli.

Before Sarri, Hazard had also been trained by Antonio Conte, and Jose Mourinho. It was this experience that Hazard tried to share about how it was trained by great coaches like them.

Sarri came as a replacement for Conte with a good title with Napoli by being able to compete with Juventus. Right now, the Blues under Sarri look promising. His first six games in all successful competitions he wiped out with victory.

Not only that, Sarri also successfully raised the fact that he was unbeaten for 18 consecutive matches. It’s not a matter of record, but Sarri’s tactical game looks much more interesting, especially when compared to the training era of the two previous figures.

“Mastery! Mastery! The coach likes ball possession! He always talks about statistics. Number. Ball possession. Shot. Scoring opportunities. Last season we got used to the counterattack process. Unlike Sarri rather than Conte and Mourinho. Sometimes we have to maintain possession, and I understand fans want us to attack, but this is part of football, “Hazard said.

The process of time, Chelsea also tried to adapt by playing Sarri. But Hazard said that he and his team mates were working hard to adapt to the existing strategy.

“We are still learning the concept. We are pretty good. I like this type of soccer. Sarri is a great coach. He is old, but the way he thinks is the same as how I think of soccer. When we have the ball, we get freedom, not only me but also Higuain and Willian or Pedro, so we can move further, “continued Hazard.
Amid the adaptation process, Hazard is now preparing to continue the mission to stay in the top 4 of the English Premier League. Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 23:00, Manchester City vs. Chelsea will fill your weekend!

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