A figure behind Rooney vs sex worker affair

Wayne Rooney’s scandal with a commercial sex workers named Helen Wood still have lot of mysteries. The public wonders why the player is so brave to do such a bad thing.

This latest mention if one of Manchester United’s legends, Rio Ferdinand turned out to be involved in the heat scandal. According to reliable sources, Ferdinand and Rooney are close friends as long as they play for the Red Devils.

It can be mentioned that Ferdinand has always been Rooney’s protector in denying all the accusations as long as they are close. Rooney is known to have an affair with his wife, Coleen, while still serving as a Manchester United player.

Ferdinand was claimed to know the moments of the affair. Interestingly here, when Ferdinand dared to say that Rooney was an idiot for having an affair with a prostitute. In this case, Ferdinand tried to help Rooney, but in the end he could do nothing.

All these question marks were successfully revealed by Helen in a book. Where in its contents there is a story about her affair with Rooney that went years ago. The release of this book has encouraged the public because Ferdinand’s name was involved.

“The meeting with Rio really made this reading dramatic. Rio apparently knew what was happening and told Wayne firmly that he was an idiot and should not behave like that, especially in public, “sourced by Helen’s book.

Ferdinand’s capacity was only limited to an advisor, where he asked Rooney to leave Helen before his affair was known to Coleen. But unfortunately, all of that was later discovered by Coleen and in the end Rooney’s bad attitude got the word sorry.

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