Aaron Ramsey recalls moment when first joining Arsenal

The former Cardiff player claimed to be surprised, because during his first day at Arsenal had met with top players.

As is known, Aaron Ramsey joined Arsenal in the summer transfer market in 2008. Coach Arsene Wenger was quite brave, because Ramsey was then only 17 years old and only played 22 appearances at the professional level with Cardiff City.

However, the decision taken by Wenger seemed very appropriate. In the inaugural season, Aaron Ramsey immediately became the new public idol for Emirates Stadium. During 11 years of defending the North London club, the Wales midfielder managed to record 64 goals in 369 appearances in all competitions.

In the transfer window last summer, the player finally left Arsenal on a free transfer and joined Juventus. Although he is no longer in Arsenal’s costume, Ramsey still remembers the club that made his name and career grow.

He, too, relived the days when he would join a Premier League club.

“Everything runs fast in Cardiff. I played the last match of the previous season and underwent preseason. We did well in the league cup tournament but in the end failed,”

“All my life I just wanted to try to achieve something for Cardiff, then suddenly I realized that I was entering the locker room with players like Fabregas, Gallas and Toure.” Ramsey said quoted from Metro.

Moreover, at that time he was still 17 years old, in a new environment, with new colleagues. Ramsey felt strange for the first few days. But, fortunately senior players like Cesc Fabregas are still willing to help him to adapt.

“I was 17 years old at the time and felt like: What’s happening here?! I feel lost but they are top players, making you feel really welcomed. However, you still have to slap yourself a little, “added Ramsey.

At the end of the 2018/19 season yesterday, Arsenal and Aaron Ramsey agreed to split up following his contract which had expired. He then joined Juventus for free, and became a new mainstay at the Italian Serie A club.

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