About IDR 20 million, Hana Hanifah made a different confession?

Indonesian celebgram Hana Hanifah is back in the conversation of netizens. This time, there is still a case of online prostitution involving her name some time ago.

As previously reported, Hana Hanifah was raided by the Medan City Police while in a hotel room with a man with the initials R.

After undergoing examination for approximately two days, finally the 23-year-old woman was released and only had the status of a witness. However, there were various reports about this arrest.

One of them is that Hana Hanifah charges a rate of 20 million for “masher”. But, the news was not justified by Hanifah when clarifying on her YouTube Channel recently.

“Here I clarify again, there is no nominal value (IDR 20 million),” said Hana Hanifah in her vlog which aired July 21, 2020.

But what’s interesting is that when she became a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube Podcast, Hana gave a different answer.

“Is it true that Hana Hanifah turned into online prostitution for Rp 20 million?” asked Deddy Corbuzier with a smile.

Hana Hanifah revealed that the money of IDR 20 million did indeed exist, only that it was used as a necessity while in the Medan city.

“So actually that money (IDR 20 million) is for me, to pay all my expenses in Medan, like go to salon, this and that,” she continued.

Deddy then convinced Hana that it was true that IDR 20 million was not paid for as a model who underwent a photoshoot.

“The payment isn’t that?” asked Deddy Corbuzier. “No,” replied Hana Hanifah.

“Had you been paid yet?” asked Deddy again. “Not yet,” Hana answered again. “How about now?” said Deddy. “Because of that, no,” said Hana Hanifah.

Deddy Corbuzier was shocked to hear the answer from Hana, because he never got paid IDR 20 million as long as he was invited for certain purposes.

“So, IDR 20 million is for your expenses in the salon. I was never given that much money during the seminar,” said Deddy Corbuzier.

In fact, Deddy had offered himself to become a photoshoot model like Hana just to get paid IDR 20 million.

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