Soal Bantahan Ayah Nissa Sabyan, Begini Jawaban Ririe Fairuz

About Nissa Sabyan’s Father’s Rebuttal, Here’s Ririe Fairuz’s Answer

The accusation of an affair or perpetrator directed at Nissa Sabyan was strongly denied by her father, Komar. Responding to the rebuttal, then what did Ririe Fairuz as the divorcee plaintiff Ayus Sabyan say?

As is known, the Ayus Sabyan household is now on the verge of divorce after his wife, Ririe Fairuz, filed a divorce suit against the Sabyan Gambus personnel since the end of January.

Initially, no one knew what was the reason behind Ririe Fairuz’s divorce lawsuit against her husband, but recently it was revealed that there was an issue of the presence of a third person in their household.

Surprisingly, the third person was accused of Vocalist Sabyan Gambus, Nissa Sabyan. In fact, Ayus and Nissa Sabyan are claimed to have had an illicit relationship since 2018, as told by Fadhila Nova as Ayus’s younger brother.

However, the accusation of the perpetrator directed at Nissa Sabyan was denied by his father, Komar. She said that her son was not an affair with any man.

Responding to the denial from Nissa Sabyan’s father, Ririe Fairuz herself cannot say much.

“I can’t comment on anything. There is God who sees and hears. That’s all,” replied Ririe Fairuz when met in the Cempaka Putih area, Central Jakarta.

Previously, Fadhila Nova revealed that her brother, Ayus, had met with his wife, Ririe Fairuz and also Nissa Sabyan regarding this affair, but the meeting was fruitless.

Ririe Fairuz himself acknowledged the existence of the meeting, but he did not reveal the contents of the meeting.

“That’s privacy, I don’t need to explain,” he said.

Meanwhile, about the news that her husband, Ayus Sabyan, prefers Nissa Sabyan over himself, Ririe Fairuz has chosen to be silent.

“I don’t know, it’s better to ask the person concerned. Thank you,” said Ririe Fairus.

Actually, Ayus Sabyan himself has uploaded a video containing clarification. In the video he apologizes, but does not specifically mention the matter of having an affair with Nissa Sabyan.

“I know my husband. I think that’s enough. Because we’re fine, there’s no problem, no fighting, it’s okay,” said Ririe Fairus.

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