Absence in the Brazilian National Team, David Luiz proposed Sara Madeira

David Luiz was surprisingly not included in the Brazilian National Team squad which will compete in the international arena in the next two matches. The schedule says if Brazil will fight Panama and the Czech Republic. Interestingly here, when empty time is filled by Luiz with more special moments.

Luiz surprisingly applied for his sexy lover named Sara Madeira. The application process is also unique, because Luiz broadcasts directly into the mobile application in collaboration with Luiz and several other world-class players.

Luiz showed a very special place to the public, where the application process took place in a special park full of fireworks. Luiz knelt down and asked Madeira to marry him. Luckily for Luiz, Madeira was willing to accept the proposal.

Luiz and Madeira formalized his dating relationship in the 2004 season. That season was the season when Luiz played for Paris Saint Germain. Both of these hot pairs are so existent on social media, not infrequently Madeira and Luiz show off their intimacy in their respective accounts in sexy and hot wrapping.

Unlike the girlfriend and wife of other footballers who sometimes come from famous models and actresses. Madeira is known far from these two lives, where he has a profession as a dentist based in Portugal.

So far there is no certainty when Luiz and Madeira will get married. If you look at the existing schedule, chances are Luiz will undergo a busy week in next summer as there is a schedule for the Brazilian national team to compete at the 2019 Copa America level.

Apart from international level, currently Luiz is in a difficult situation in an effort to arouse enthusiasm from his colleagues at Chelsea. In the meantime, Chelsea have had a bad season with a knockout from the top four of the Premier League standings and potentially failing to compete in the Champions League next season.

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