Absent in 2020 Denmark Open , PBSI still sends athletes for Asian level tournaments

Indonesia has indeed withdrawn from the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup 2020, which are planned to be held in Denmark. Even so, PBSI ensures that they still send athletes to Thailand for Asian level tournaments.

As is known, some time ago, PBSI (Indonesian Badminton Association) has indeed announced its decision to withdraw from the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 events.

In fact, there is already a simulation tournament that badminton athletes have held and participated in.

Apart from being confirmed to be absent from the 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup, PBSI will also not send Indonesian Badminton Athletes to the 2020 Denmark Open which will take place in Odense on October 13 to 18, 2020.

Indonesia’s withdrawal from a number of international level tournaments is due to the absence of health and safety guarantees from BWF for athletes in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the athletes themselves who feel doubt about their safety if they force themselves continue to go to Denmark.

“Indonesia still will not send representatives to the Denmark Open, because the players are still not too sure about their health and safety guarantees,”

“They will start competing again in the Asian series championship which is likely to be held in Thailand,” said Secretary General of PBSI, Achmad Budiharto, in his official statement.

Unlike the story with Denmark, Thailand apparently has facilities that can guarantee the health and safety of the contestants participating in the Asian tournament in the near future.

Therefore, PBSI will continue to send athletes to the event.

“In principle, what Thailand is doing is much better and more comprehensive in terms of ensuring the safety of players,” he said.

In this connection, PBSI has also discussed with the players the Asian series championship. Kevin Sanjaya et al have agreed to play in the championship which will start in November.

According to the athletes, it is possible to participate in tournaments in Thailand because apart from a shorter distance, there is also a guarantee of safety and health from the organizers.

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