AC Milan’s former CEO sends criticism to Maldini

The situation in AC Milan’s internal camp is currently not conducive following a conflict between club officials, including Club Director Paolo Maldini. The situation was further compounded by the scathing comments of Massimilano Mirabelli, always the former CEO of the Rossoneri.

AC Milan has indeed been in trouble since the last few years, where the situation also made it difficult for them to carve out flashy achievements.

However, problems that occur in Internal Affairs have never been heard. Only this time, word got out that club officials were in conflict.

Conflict between the ranks of club officials claimed to have occurred during the last few months. Seen from the scathing criticism made by CFO Milan, Zvonimir Boban to Ivan Gazidis as CEO of the club. The criticism is related to Gazidis’ approach to Ralf Rangnick.

Gazidis plans to appoint Ralf Rangnick to replace Stefano Pioli in the manager’s chair. While on the one hand, Zvonimir Boban and the club’s sporting director, Paolo Maldini still trust Stefano Pioli’s qualities so far showing good performances.

Interestingly, the chaos never subsided. In fact, now increasingly murky along with the comments of the former Club CEO, Massimiliano Mirabelli. He also made scathing criticism to the club’s great legend, Paolo Maldini who now works as the Rossoneri Director.

In his comments, Mirabelli questioned Maldini’s quality and competence as AC Milan’s director. Because the Italian legend does not have proper qualifications to occupy the position.

Unmitigated, Mirabelli even gave an example of Maldini as a doctor who did not receive an elementary school education.

Maldini is a great player, but he must be asked: What have you done to become a director? ‘Having himself as a director is like having a doctor who has never attended primary school, “he told Tuttomercatoweb.

Not remaining silent, Maldini then replied to Mirabelli’s comment calmly.

“I consider any negative comments from Mirabelli as a compliment. Hearing him speak, if I were him, I would avoid talking about any level of school or education, “Maldini said.

AC Milan itself is currently ranked 7th in the Italian Serie A standings.

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