According to Cassano, Messi is better than Maradona

One former Real Madrid and AC Milan player, Antonio Cassano still thinks that Messi is a better player than Maradona. Even though Mega the Barcelona star has not set up a World Cup trophy.

Lionel Messi is indeed recognized as one of the world’s best players in the past two decades. This 32-year-old figure is often compared to Portuguese mega star Cristiano Ronaldo.

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, the fact is that Messi is often juxtaposed with football legends, including Diego Maradona. Moreover, both are both from Argentina and seem to have a similar playing style.

Messi also scored the Solo Run action goal against Real Sociedad in 2007, similar to Maradona’s solo run goal 20 years earlier.

Messi on the one hand has won all the titles at club level with Barcelona. He has also collected six Ballon d’Or trophies so far. But there is one thing that makes the public confident that Messi has not deserved to be considered better than Maradona.

One thing is none other than the World Cup championship trophy. Yes, so far the 32-year-old figure has indeed not won any titles together with the Argentine national team. The 2008 Olympic Champion title when defending the U-23 national team was the only Messi trophy at the international level.

Meanwhile, Maradona is remembered as a legend because he played fantastic and helped Argentina become world champion in 1986. This achievement makes a number of parties still consider Maradona better than Messi.

However, that does not mean that no one considers Messi better. In fact, many consider him the best player of all time without the need to win the World Cup.

One of them is AC Milan legend Antonio Cassano. According to him, what makes Messi superior to Maradona is none other than the Barcelona star’s mega consistency.

“Maradona did something that was never seen 4-5 years before, but Messi has done the same thing for 15 years,” Cassano told Corriere dello Sport.

Messi also often scores lots of goals, assists and makes the difference in crucial moments.

“He scored 710 goals and made 300 assists. When he plays, his team always wins 1-0. Maradona fans must be willing. There is someone who has surpassed it, “concluded Cassano.

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