According to David Luiz, Arteta is an ideal fit for Arsenal

The Brazilian full back lauds Mikel Arteta’s method in the manager’s chair. He knows the players and knows how to make the players understand.

Mikel Arteta was appointed by Arsenal to replace Unai Emery who was kicked out a few months ago. Initially, of course many doubted Arteta, considering that before this he only worked as Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City.

That is, the man from Spain does not have any experience in training a team.

So, after these few months, how was Arteta’s performance in the Arsenal coach’s chair? In terms of results, Arsenal looked normal, but in terms of performance, Bellerin et al seemed to improve. They began to be consistent and the defense line that had been a problem seemed to have improved.

Therefore, David Luiz is very optimistic about the future of Arsenal under the direction of Mikel Arteta. He believes the man from Spain is indeed the right coach for the Gunners.

“Mikel performed wonderfully, I enjoyed football for almost 33 years and am still learning and improving and to see how wonderful soccer is,”

“Every day he changes something and how new ideas and philosophies can still improve me as a person, as a player and as a leader.” Luiz said to Adidas, as reported by Goal International.

Furthermore, this former Chelsea employee judged that Arteta was a figure who really understood how to improve the understanding of his players on the pitch.

“Mikel has tried to make us understand where to play and how to play. He gave us a plan: ‘If the team is like that, if there is a low block parking the bus how you can create opportunities, take responsibility for making risky passes.”

“If the operand gets there then we create chances and score goals, if the operand doesn’t get there we can win the ball quickly.” He said.

Meanwhile, the task of Mikel Arteta is actually not easy. Although not required, he is expected to deliver Arsenal to play in the European Champions League next season. Whereas now, Arsenal are 9th in the standings.

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