According to Galliani, this is the causes behind AC Milan crisis

Adriano Galliani is a former CEO of AC Milan, and has held this position for a long time. Well, recently the 75-year-old man spoke up about the causes behind the Rossoneri’s downturn.

As is known, AC Milan has experienced a decline in achievement over the past few years. They have minimal achievements, even the last time won the Scudetto trophy was in 2011 ago.

After becoming champions, AC Milan were initially still able to compete in the top flight, but over time they began to find it difficult to penetrate the top four. His condition is getting worse, even this season, the Rossoneri are in 7th position in the standings.

Galliani himself was still in office when AC Milan experienced this downturn, so the CEO was also blamed for the disaster faced by the club. The reason is, the relevant is leaving San Siro in 2017.

However, he himself stressed that the beginning of the downturn or crisis period experienced by AC Milan was when the club released their star players. It began in 2012, when Milan sold Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to PSG.

“No need to make small talk, Milan collapsed after selling its star players. We won the Scudetto in the 2010/11 season and also almost got it in 2011/12, but failed towards the end, ”

“It’s our mistake, because we want to win the Coppa Italia and overly tie Thiago Silva. “If we don’t play him in the semi-finals, the story could be different,” Galliani told Top Calcio 24.

Galliani also revealed that actually AC Milan had planned to bring Carlos Tevez as Ibrahimovic’s replacement. However, the Argentine player did not necessarily join the San Siro.

In fact, two years ago, the former Manchester United star decided to join Juventus and achieve success there. If only Tevez joined, Galliani was convinced Milan would still be in the hunt for the title.

“Of course, if we manage to get Tevez then we will definitely win the Scudetto in 2012. I crave attack lines with Ibrahimovic and Tevez, but that’s football. That did not happen, “he concluded.

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