According to Januzaj, his career at MU failed because of Van Gaal

Belgian winger Adnan Januzaj still doesn’t seem to accept the failure of his career at Manchester United. The former Dortmund player then blamed Van Gaal as the culprit behind the failure of his career with the Red Devils.

For information, Adnan Januzaj is a product of the Manchester United academy and found his debut with the senior team in the 2013/14 season. His performance in the debut season was quite promising, he even predicted that he would become the club’s future star.

Unfortunately, Manchester United made a change of coach in his second season. David Moyes who projected Januzaj was expelled at the end of the season, then came Van Gaal as his successor in the 2014/15 season.

According to Januzaj, since the arrival of the Dutchman, everything has changed.

“Everything changed after he came,” Januzaj told the Daily Star.

In his explanation, Januzaj considered that Manchester United’s direction from van Gaal was very different from David Moyes’s Manchester United. The two trainers carry a far different scheme.

Under the direction of Van Gaal, Januzaj considered Manchester United to appear boring, the players were not given freedom of expression on the field, including himself.

“I don’t get the same freedom in his era. A winger needs confidence and that can be obtained from the manager’s instructions to get past the opposing players. But in the era, we played with slow passes.” He said.

No doubt, the Belgian Winger felt frustrated playing in a team that played a very slow tempo under the direction of Van Gaal. As a result, he could not adapt and slowly his performance continued to deteriorate, eventually kicked out at another club.

“I was really frustrated at the time and everyone could see that I was Adnan who was different from me in the first year. He even put him in the stands several times,” he said.

Januzaj was briefly loaned to Borussia Dortmund and Sunderland, he was later permanently released to Real Sociedad last summer.

Since joining the Spanish club, Januzaj slowly but surely began to find his best touch. But its performance is still relatively mediocre. Nevertheless, he is only 25 years old, his career journey is still long.

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