According to Mourinho, Manchester United fired him too soon

Tottenham Hotspur coach, Jose Mourinho looks back on his days when he was coach of Manchester United. The man from Portugal felt that the Red Devils were too quick to kick him out of the manager chair.

As is known, Jose Mourinho has been trusted to be Manchester United’s manager since May 2016. At that time, the former Chelsea coach was appointed to replace Louis Van Gaal.

However, Mourinho did not necessarily last long at Old Trafford, he only lasted two and a half seasons before being kicked out following a series of bad results suffered by United.

Apart from the team’s poor performance, it was reported that at that time the team changing room situation was not conducive and even tended to heat up.

But whatever it is, what is clear after being sacked from the chair of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho has taken a break from his career as a coach.

He also worked as a pandit before accepting Tottenham Hotspur’s offer in November 2019.

Now, talking about his failure at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho himself tries to reflect on the success he has previously achieved with Chelsea, Porto and Inter Milan.

“At a certain period in my career, with the club profile I hold, it doesn’t take us much time to be successful,”

“We did it in Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea, twice. We did it without the need for that long time and also my desire to try different things,” said Mourinho.

Meanwhile at Manchester United, Mourinho felt the time given was too short. Or, in other words, the club’s decision to fire him wasn’t right, because it took him a little longer to achieve success.

“The first club where I felt I needed time and time was not given was at Manchester United. I felt that I was leaving in the middle of the process, but I learned from an early age to respect decisions, which I did at United,” Mourinho said.

While working with Manchester United, Mourinho managed to present the Europa League title in 2016/2017 and the English League Cup title.

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