According to this figure, Rossi has a major contribution in MotoGP

Valentino Rossi may now no longer be competitive, but his contribution to the MotoGP world is huge. According to Dorna Sport’s CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta.

Please note, Valentino Rossi is now 41 years old, he was the oldest Rider in the 2020 MotoGP season. In fact, this is the 25th season for The Doctor on the Racing Circuit. Throughout his career, he has won 9 Champion Titles, 234 times riding the Podium, and won 115 wins.

However, it is not only achievements that make many people love this Italian rider. He has an entertaining racing style, his tactics are also capable.

Outside the circuit, Rossi is a cheerful figure, often joking with fans or the press. His character made many people who gave their time to flock to the Circuit Tribune. They want to see the racer numbered 46 pave.

“I am very grateful to Vale, because he made many people love MotoGP and this will not become extinct even when he retires later. In addition, he will remain involved in MotoGP when he retires later. This is the reason he has a racing team and academy, “Ezpeleta said.

Unfortunately, Rossi is no longer competitive these days. The last time he became world champion was in 2009. In fact, the last time on the podium was in 2017 in the Netherlands. It is believed that the decline in the performance of the Yamaha Rider due to age.

Rossi himself was advised to retire by a number of parties, because he was 41 years old. But repeatedly the rider insisted that he wanted to keep on paving.

In fact, when the Monster Energy Yamaha team ensures that the upcoming 2021 season they will not rely on it anymore, Rossi still firmly wants to race on the circuit. He is willing to go down to the SRT Petronas Team to fill the position of Fabio Quartararo.

“Vale is a person who will continue to race as long as he still enjoys it. Until when? Vale and I have never asked ourselves when we will retire, “concluded Ezpeleta, who is currently 74 years old and has been managing MotoGP since 1992.

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