Dituding Penyuka Sesama Jenis, Begini Jawaban Thomas Djorghi

Accused As A Gay, Here is Thomas Djorghi’s Answer

The famous dangdut singer, Thomas Djorghi finally opened his voice about allegations of same-sex enthusiasts while talking on the Mayangsari YouTube Channel recently.

As is known, Thomas Djorghi still holds the status of single, aka not married until now, even though he is already five, 51 years old.

It’s normal if then netizens ask about the reason behind the decision of the singer of the song “Sembako Cinta”. Not a few netizens also accused Thomas Djorghi of being a homosexual or gay.

In the video interview, Thomas Djorghi admitted to being hurt by the accusations directed at him.

“I have been hurt, of course. Talks about, Thomas like, like the same, what do you do, not getting married, like that, not selling well,” said Thomas.

But over time, the person concerned starts to ignore these negative comments, because he doesn’t harm others and is already happy in his own way.

“Just leave it, it’s up to them to judge what about me, please go ahead. It is me who lives life, my sustenance, I run my happiness,” said Thomas.

Apart from being a dangdut singer, Thomas Djorghi is also known as an actor who is quite experienced in the entertainment stage as a soap opera player.

While celebrating his 50th anniversary in 2020 yesterday, Thomas Djorghi had said that his focus now is not looking for a life partner, but looking for happiness and enjoying life.

“Maybe yes, because I’m not really looking for (mate) yes. For me, soul mate is not everything for me. My main priority is how can I be happy, I am grateful.” said Thomas Djorghi.

Receiving support from his family and close friends, Thomas Djorghi is now happy and is enjoying his life very much now.

When he starts to feel bored, sometimes the person concerned chooses to take a vacation abroad.

“It’s true, being out of style, friends have a busy life, family. What else can I do? I threw it into sports, at home, I flew abroad, enjoyed life like that,” concluded Thomas Djorghi. .

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