Adly Fairuz evidently not the biological grandson of Ma’aruf Amin

Indonesian public figure, Adly Fairuz was claimed to be the biological grandson of the Indonesian Vice President, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, but this claim was denied by Masduki Baidlowi as the spokesperson concerned.

The news which claimed that Adly Fairuz is KH’s grandson. Ma’ruf Amin was indeed being a hot topic on social media. The news then reaped pros and cons because many questioned its truth.

Regarding this, Adly Fairuz himself admitted to laughing why things like this can be so excited to discuss. Even though, he never gave such a confession.

“Isn’t it exciting? Haha. Now, let me ask, have I made a statement that I am the biological grandson of Abah? No, right?,” said Adly Fairuz.

Because of this news, Adly was accused of being a social climber, but the 33-year-old man immediately denied this rumoor firmly. He has always wanted to be successful with the results of his own hard work without carrying any big name and the success of his family members.

“Earlier I’ve told you. From the very beginning I wanted to be successful, not because of my parents or other family members. There are doctors, country leaders and all kinds in my family. But I want to be successful because of myself and my own potential, ”

“The problem that people talk about I am not his real grandchildren and whatever, who says that I am Abah’s biological grandson? Never,” said Adly Fairuz.

According to Adly, the beginning of the rumor who claimed as Ma’ruf Amin’s grandson came from the presidential election campaign. There, he did meet Ma’ruf Amin, who he often address as ‘Abah’.

Well, because of the age difference between him and KH. Ma’ruf Amin is quite far away, so the assumption arises that Adly is the grandson of the Vice President.

“This also started from the time of the presidential election campaign. I was invited by Abah, who gave the real statement, right. It can be checked by friends, Abah who said that I am his family.”

“Maybe because our age gap is huge, so came out a rumor mention as ‘his grandson,’ added Angbeen Rishi’s husband.

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