Adrien Rabiot more interested in Juventus over MU, Real Madrid and Barcelona

The 2019-2020 transfer market continues to bring interesting news to follow, the latest news says if Adrien Rabiot‘s future speculations begin to be explained. At present, the player is claimed to be doing a personal negotiation with Italian Serie A champions, Juventus.

It is justified that Adrien Rabiot will no longer strengthen Paris Saint Germain next season. This certainty can be proven, because he does not want to continue talking about the extension of his contract which will end in the 2018-2019 season.

Officially, Adrien Rabiot’s contract with PSG will expire on this 30 June 2019. If all goes well, then the figure of Adrien Rabiot will be free of transfer, which means that all clubs can get him for free without spending money.

Indeed the name Adrien Rabiot has been circulating for a long time in the transfer market, seen in January 2019, the name of Adrien Rabiot was rumored to establish communication with the Barcelona side, but the news until now was only a figment.

Not only Barcelona, Real Madrid’s name is also said to be the destination of Adrien Rabiot. But unfortunately, all of that was not true because of the problem of changes to the EL Real coach. It doesn’t stop until the two big Spanish La Liga clubs.

Also comes the figure of three big English Premier League clubs, Manchester United, Arsenal until Tottenham is said to be ready to accommodate Adrien Rabiot. But all of that returned just a hoax. And to arrive at this new story, the player is called opening the opportunity to move to Juventus.

Justification was already stated directly by Adrien Rabiot, who claimed to be seriously engaged with the Juventus side.

“Juventus is a big club and I think everyone has the desire to play there. It’s true, I have communication with Juventus,” said Adrien Rabiot.

Juventus are getting closer to Adrien Rabiot

Juventus became the most passive Serie A club in this summer 2019-2020 transfer market, stated directly that they still desperately need a figure in the midfield position. Until now, the figure of Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba is still the most important in Juventus’ big transfer target.

However, the big plan to bring Pogba from Manchester United is quite difficult. In addition to the very expensive price, Red Devils are also doubtful about releasing players from France, because they are still in desperate need of the label of the most famous player.

On that basis, Juventus need to prepare several options. The figure of Adrien Rabiot is considered the most ideal candidate, and even more so the free transfer status will definitely benefit Juventus.

With PSG, Adrien Rabiot has given many titles and more specifically domestic titles, because they have always failed in the Champions League. In the 2018-2019 season, Adrien Rabiot only recorded 12 matches in French Ligue 1, as he was hit by a play ban due to not wanting to discuss the contract extension offered by PSG.

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