Aerosmith will perform at wedding of Ramos and Rubio

One more happy news has just been heard, one of the Real Madrid star, Segio Ramos, who is going to marry his sweetheart, Pila Rubio, on the 15th June 2019. This couple finally want to bind the holy promise of a lifetime with the status of dating since 2012.

Investigate, these two partners will hold the holy promise at the Seville Cathedral church. While their wedding reception will be held in the vast area of Ramos’ farm which is also in the same city. The event is claimed to be running very closed as Ramos told the media.

This event was pointed out to the closest exits and relatives who had been considered very close. When referring to the event, Ramos wanted to feel closeness and warmth together with his beloved family.

“Guests will leave their car and camera shortly after they enter the farm, so they can relax and enjoy the atmosphere,” said Ramos to the media.

Dating for quite a long time, but the relationship between Ramos and Rubio just known by the public during the Ballon d’Or event. Even though they already have three children, Sergio Jr. (4), Marco (3), and Alejandro (1), Ramos has only specially proposed his lover at the beginning of February 2019.

Ramos and Rubio claimed that there will be many surprises at their wedding. They don’t talk more about the concept of their special event. It’s just heard a rumor that Ramos and Rubio had contacted two legendary rock bands, Aerosmith and AC / DC.

Investigated, the negotiations that have been established for quite a long time. Ramos claimed to be more in favor of presenting Aerosmith. It is truly interesting to wait, and is it true that Ramos and Rubio will surprise many guests?

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