After Alex Sandro, Juve confirmed Juan Cuadrado has tested positive for Covid-19

Recently, the public was shocked by the announcement that Alex Sandro had Covid-19, but what was even more surprising was that Juventus soon confirmed that one more player who was infected with the outbreak was Juan Cuadrado.

The news itself was confirmed by Juventus via their official website. In his statement, the Bianconneri stated that Cuadrado had no significant symptoms, aka People Without Symptoms, but that the Colombian player was still required to undergo independent isolation.

“Juventus Football Club announces that, during the examination regulated by applicable protocol, Juan Cuadrado has tested positive for COVID-19,” read an official Juventus statement.

Thus, it can be said that the former Chelsea player is the second Juventus player to have contracted the Corona Virus in the past week. Previously, Alex Sandro was also confirmed to be infected with the plague.

Alex Sandro himself played in the match against Udinese on Monday morning WIB (04/01), in that match he played for 83 minutes before being withdrawn.

Well, after the match, the Brazilian National Team player felt mild symptoms. These conditions made Alex Sandro undergo a test, and the result was that the player tested positive and immediately went into isolation.

Unlike Alex Sandro, Juan Cuadrado did not feel any symptoms or what was called OTG. The person concerned was caught with the Corona Virus after seeing the results of routine tests carried out.

This situation makes Juventus certainly unable to bring Cuadrado and Sandro down when they visit the San Siro to challenge the capolista, AC Milan, Thursday (7/1/2021) in the morning WIB tomorrow.

Of course this is an unpleasant situation for Juan Cuadrado in person. The reason is, he was just able to return to play after undergoing a ban from playing due to a red card in a match against his former club, Fiorentina some time ago.

The absence of Juan Cuadrado and Alex Sandro makes Juventus even more unable to lower their best squad when they visit the San Siro tomorrow, considering Alvaro Morata is already sidelined with a muscle injury.

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