After being kicked out by Tottenham, Pochettino needs a rest

Mauricio Pochettino is believed to be the target of a number of European giants, following his status as ‘unemployed’ after being ousted from the chair of Tottenham Hotspur two weeks ago. However, the Argentina manager does not seem to be working right back. It takes several days to clear the mind.

Admittedly, the 47-year-old coach does have a very good trackback, he managed to deliver Tottenham Hotspur to always finish in the last four of the Premier League final standings since being appointed as the main manager in 2014 ago. His best achievement was the European Champions League final last season.

Unfortunately, six months after the best achievement, the Argentine manager was just kicked out of the manager’s chair. The reason is because of the series of negative results obtained by Spurs at the start of this season. However, the former Southampton manager has a good CV, so it is believed he will not be difficult to find a new job.

Some European giants such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid to Paris Saint-Germain are said to be ready to fight over Pochettino’s signatures. But it seems that the figure who once handled Espanyol will not return to training in the near future.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports, he admitted that he wanted to take a break in Argentina to clear his mind. In addition, Pochettino also remains open to every offer that comes, including if it comes from an Argentine club.

“Of course, I want to re-train the European team. It’s hard for me to imagine a project in Argentina. But if it’s for the sake of my family, I won’t refuse. But now I need to feel calm in a few days and see what happens. I only have a little time to understand what happened to me, “he added.

“What is my first goal is to return to Argentina, meet my family and my friends. But I will return to Europe to make decisions about my future. Returning to Argentina and resting for 10 days is my decision now. My age, I did not take long to recover, however I remained open to the project offered to me,” Pochettino told Fox Sports.

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