After breaking up with Ovi Rangkuti, Anya Geraldine now looking for a potential husband

Anya Geraldine is finally single after officially parting ways with Ovi Rangkuti some time ago. So, who is the next celebgram’s mooring?

Well, Anya’s followers then took advantage of the question and answer session on Insta Stories. There, someone asked about the criteria for Anya’s ideal man.

The 23-year-old woman did not hesitate to answer that the main thing for her was a faithful guy.

“First point is he must be loyal. Second, he is well established, in fact, we can make money together. Insyallah, I can be well established in life,” said Anya in the video.

There were also those who asked about Anya’s relationship with Rizky Febian, but she emphasized that her relationship with the comedian’s son Sule was only limited to professional colleagues.

“Your response to netizens who match you with Iky? Okay, I just want to tell those of you who like matchmaking me, guys, this is the real world, this is not a take me out,” said Anya.

In fact, Anya can also make sure that she is not at all interested in finding a new lover, but wants to find a serious partner to become her husband someday.

“And one more thing, I am looking for a husband, already in the stage of looking for a husband, not looking for a boyfriend anymore,” said Anya.

In fact, Anya wants any man who intend to approach her, better do Ta’aruf.

“Eh Bambang, I want to be taken seriously, do Ta’aruf if possible,” said Anya.

Finally, the former lover of Bio One emphasized that her relationship with Ovi Rangkuti, who ran aground in the middle of the road, was not an arrangement for product promotion from Trippie.

“Why do you have to break up the settings for marketing Trippie? It’s crazy. For God’s sake, I’m not setting for Trippie. Geez, your brain is too S3 Marketing.”

“All of this is no gimmick, no setting. We did break up, but sometimes we still meet because they have a very good relationship and don’t know what else in the future. Please don’t nag, “he said.

Anya Geraldine is known as one of the women who cannot live without a lover. She said this herself when she was a guest star on Deddy Corbuzier’s Podcast Channel.

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