After defeating Arsenal, Pep spoke out against racism

After successfully winning over Arsenal in the Premier League continued earlier this morning, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke about the issue of Racism which later became a conversation.

As is known, Manchester City plays the 29th week of the Premier League on Thursday morning WIB (18/06). In the match, Citizen faced off with one of his rivals, Arsenal.

Playing at home, Pep Guardiola’s troops managed to win with a landslide score of 3-0. Raheem Sterling opened up before the first half was over, followed by goals from Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden in the second round.

Although left behind, Arsenal are still trying to catch up, only David Luiz’s red card at the beginning of the second half only complicate the effort. As a result, the Gunners must accept the defeat.

Indeed, this victory did not affect the standings at all. Liverpool still lead the standings, even Jurgen Klopp’s troops are just one step away from winning the Premier League.

However, despite the results of the match coach Pep Guardiola was reluctant to talk about his team’s victory. He actually talked about the case of racism that was being discussed by the world.

According to Pep, white people should apologize for their treatment of black people so far.

“White people should apologize for the way we have treated black people for 400 years,”

“We should send thousands of messages to black people. I am ashamed of what white people have done to black people, “Guardiola told a news conference after the match, quoted by Goal International.

The same thing was said by one of Manchester City player, Raheem Sterling. According to him, anti-racist in the Premier League has developed quite well so far.

“Little by little, we are seeing changes. Walk naturally, organically. “We saw the team that did that at the start of the kick-off and thought that that was what we had to do too,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, before the match between Arsenal and Manchester City took place, both teams seemed to show respect and support for the Black Lives Matter world movement.

Not only that, both teams also appeared to be wearing Jersey with the BLM logo attached.

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