After divorcing her husband, Vicky Zainal was cheated by her personal assistant

An unpleasant news came from the beautiful celebrity, Vicky Zainal. Shortly after officially divorcing her husband, Bunga Zainal’s sister was cheated up to tens of millions of Rupiah. Ironically, the culprit was her personal assistant.

The unfortunate incident was told directly by the person concerned via Instagram stories. In her upload, Vicky also included some evidence that she had been tricked by her assistant.

Not only that, Vicky Zainal even immediately signed the account of a suspect who was her assistant.

“Just yesterday he caught as a thief, nad I thought he had stopped! I don’t know, but he stole money from the apartment rented by Paypal which was all set on his behalf! Amazing.”

“You are the greatest thief and never give up the one I know. @dablor24 is the thief’s IG account! “wrote Vicky.

Furthermore, Vicky explained that initially she had a Paypal balance of 2,227 USD, but now there are only 5 USD left, in other words, the remaining 2,222 USD or around 33 million Rupiah was taken away by her assistant.

“It’s only 5 dollars left! You are crazy! This is the amount of money you withdrew from my Paypal! It was IDR 33 million! Thief @dablor24,” said Vicky.

What is even more ironic is that it was not the first time that the assistant had stolen Vicky’s money, even in a previous action, the celebrity had cheated up to 90 million Rupiah !

“You stole 40 million Rupiah that I gonna use to settle hospital bill, but you said it’s for paying gambling debt! Then the money to pay for the car, you stole 50 million Rupiah.”

“Now the money for renting apart Cawang is 33 million Rupiah. I don’t know the money that hasn’t been found and the things you stole from my apartment too! You are a great assistant! Working for years, looking for opportunities to become a thief! “Said Vicky.

Before this, Vicky Zainal herself had made a scene in the virtual world because her husband, Mulyawan Poernomo, was sued for divorce. The couple’s household ran aground after running for the last 10 years.

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