Sudah Pasrah Cerai Dengan Maell Lee, Intan Tetap Tuntut Kerugian

After Resigning to Divorce with Maell Lee, Intan Still Demands for Losses

Selebgram Intan Ratna Juwita admits that she is now resigned and sincere if Maell Lee remains firm in her decision to divorce herself.

Some time ago, Warganet was indeed excited about the news from YouTuber “The Strongest Preman in the Universe” Maell Lee, who divorced his wife, Intan Ratna Juwita. It was surprising that their marriage was less than one year old.

Of course, Intan herself did not accept the divorce demands, but after a few weeks she finally admitted that she had given up. However, Intan admits that she will continue to sue Maell Lee regarding this property.

“I will surrender if I divorce. But I sue him too because I have a loss,”

“There should be a dong (gono-like property), because I just bought a house but still on credit. We are fighting together, but I think he wants me to get nothing,” said Intan to detikcom.

Furthermore, Intan admitted that she was surprised by Maell Lee who hired 11 lawyers to defend her in the divorce trial. Interestingly, Maell Lee was not even present at the trial, he only came during the mediation.

“Yes, he’s like a corruption case with lots of lawyers. He wasn’t there yesterday. He just came during the mediation,” said Intan.

Dewi Yulianti as attorney for Intan Ratna Juwita said that in fact Maell Lee has so far not been able to explain a clear case regarding the reasons behind the divorce suit he filed.

Indeed, there are currently problems between this couple, but actually this should not be the reason for the divorce.

“Actually, this is the lawsuit submitted by the plaintiff to our client, if I see it doesn’t have a strong foundation.”

“Then we refer here, there is a problem, there is a problem that we will reveal later, that there is a very big event. But there is no reason that makes human sense,” said Dewi Yulianti.

On the other hand, Intan always shows good faith, even if the divorce is possible, it is canceled.

“Our client always shows his good faith, starting from him not wanting to cause trouble, he doesn’t even delete his photos. Our clients hope for peace, because peace is always open,” said Dewi Yulianti.

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