After undergoing his third operation, Marc Marquez looks different

Marc Marquez has just finished undergoing his third operation on the fracture of the humeral bone he has sustained since last June. Interestingly, Alex Marquez’s younger brother saw a change in his brother’s attitude after the operation.

The operation which took place in the City of Madrid lasted for approximately eight hours. The purpose of this third operation was clear to repair the humerus bone which had been fractured and infected.

According to information heard, after the operation, the eight-time world champion had to go through a long recovery period. In fact, it is reported that it took Marc Marquez six months to fully recover from the surgery.

That way, it means that the Repsol Honda Team Rider is in danger of being absent during pre-season and missing the first few series this season. When responding to the news, Alex Marquez as his younger brother seemed reluctant to talk much.

“It’s only been three weeks since he underwent (his third) operation, so it is too early to predict whether he will be joining the pre-season or will be absent from the first two series,” said Alex.

Alex can only say that if the recovery process goes smoothly, it will only take three months for Marc Marquez to recover.

But otherwise, if something happens that causes complications, Marc will have to be out for six months.

“Marc’s recovery period is three months, but once Marc’s condition gets complicated, then recovery can be six months. He must try to recover well and follow what the doctor said,” said Alex.

No less interesting, Alex Marquez shared how his brother’s attitude changed after the third operation.

Alex saw that Marc was more excited and relieved that he had to go through a few months to get back in a healthy condition.

“Honestly, I saw him very excited. The operation was very long, and when he returned home, he did not look the same person. How shall I explain it? Marc’s energy continues to increase, and the important thing is, now he is calmer,” he concluded.

Last season, Marc Marquez himself only played in the first series, and even then did not reach the finish line.

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