Agent leaked Buffon’s “return to Juventus” sensational plan

Gianluigi Buffon is said to be returning home to Juventus, this news is declared from some trusted source. Through the agent of Gianluigi Buffon, Silvano Martina said that currently the negotiation stage was between the two parties.

The appearance of the news of Buffon’s return to Allianz Stadium was on Tuesday, 25 June 2019. Through European media called Sky Sports, Buffon holds a “free transfer player” and trying to return back to the club that have raised his name.

Buffon is ready to listen to all the national processes that exist, according to him, a one-season contract is enough to help him feel the atmosphere of the Italian Serie A again. As for now Buffon is a free transfer player.

It could be interpreted if Buffon could move to any club, the 41-year-old goalkeeper had just decided not to add to the duration of his tenure at the French club, Paris Saint Germain, which will expire very soon on 30 June 2019.

“At present, the plan to return to Juventus is just an idea,” Silvano Martina told Sport Italia.According to many observers, if Buffon wanted to return to Juventus, many parties were ready to accept him even though he had just served as a PSG player.

Not only from the fans, but also the players and directors of the club. In fact, Juventus was said to have prepared a special place if Buffon returned. Juventus now looks positive if Buffon wants to return. Not only contract as a player, Bianconeri are even ready to give another position to Buffon.

According to insider sources, if President Andrea Agnelli intervened directly to complete negotiations with Buffon. Based on the information available, Juventus are ready to offer the duration of the contract until 2020 to this former Parma goalkeeper. When the contract expires, Agnelli has prepared a position as director or coaching staff to Buffon.

Agnelli hopes that Buffon will not leave Juventus when he decides to retire. Buffon with Juventus is a romantic partner, the note says if the goalkeeper has had a career for 17 years at Juventus.

Most worthy of appreciation is that even in difficult circumstances Buffon doesn’t move to another club with a lot of offers. This happened when I had to play in Serie B a few seasons ago.

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