Agent reveals AC Milan’s interest in Michael Seri

The movement of AC Milan slowly began to appear in the 2019 summer transfer market, this latest they tried to show how that approach took place with Fulham midfielder agent, Jean Michael Seri, who confirmed that the Italian Serie A club was negotiating.

Michael Seri is a player who is a player of the season for Fulham. Coming from Nice, Michael Seri was bought by Fulham with a dowry of 25 million Pounds, and successfully broke the record for the transfer of the French club.

The situation became the basis of problems for Michael Seri, how not, that conditions explained Fulham were relegated in the next season. With this status, of course Michael Seri wants to keep playing at the highest level at least to survive in the Premier League next season.

This condition provoked a positive response from AC Milan. Through their new coach, Marco Giampolo claimed to be interested in the game Michael Series and planned the transfer process that occurred in the transfer market this summer.

When questions came about the situation of his client, the agent also confirmed all the news claiming that Milan was approaching Fulham to release Michael Seri.

“We are well aware of what is developing now that Milan are approaching Michael Seri. For now I can’t say much about this situation. But we are looking forward to the development of this conversation. “Said Franklin Mala as the Seri agent.

“We have several offers in the transfer market this summer, but we will consider and try to decide the best for us.” Concluded Franklin Mala.

Based on several sources of transfers, Fulham was very ready to let the player go to Milan and they were fortunate to be ready to sell off at a low price. Mentioned if Fulham only wanted the capital to buy the Series yesterday, which was equal to 22 million Pounds.

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