Agreed to a new contract, Morbidelli can’t wait start the race

Italian rider Franco Morbidelli admitted that he couldn’t wait to start the race this season, especially after officially agreeing to a new contract with Petronas Yamaha SRT.

As is known, the MotoGP competition this season was delayed long enough following the Corona Virus pandemic which became a threat to everyone. But after some consideration finally Dorna Sports, FIRM and IRTA agreed to hold a competition starting in mid-July.

Precisely, from the 17th to the 19th of July the riders were able to re-pave at the Spanish Jerez Circuit. The plan is on July 15, or today there will be a trial first.

Well, before the start of the competition, Yamaha SRT Petronas Rider Franco Morbidelli reached a new two-year contract agreement. The Italian racer admitted that he was very happy to start the season with the certainty of the contract.

“It’s nice to start the season with a new contract, especially after a long wait for the first GP. Our target is finding rhythm again and moving as fast as possible like a preseason trial. ”

“We must immediately do it because there is not much time to get used to before the race,” he said via the team’s official release.

Furthermore, Morbidelli thinks that the MotoGP competition this season will be more different than the previous seasons. There are several distinguishing factors, including because the weather is already entering the summer, which affects the physical condition of the riders.

“Every MotoGP race is very challenging, but this time it will be challenging for different reasons. But the situation will be the same for everyone, so nobody benefits or loses. Last year I started second and I’m satisfied with my speed in qualifying. ” He said.

During the pandemic, the riders were indeed restricted in their activities, but in the past month they have been allowed to do the exercises. Morbidelli himself claimed to have worked hard in Tauvilla, Italy. Now he can’t wait to start the real race.

“For the past few weeks, I have been training hard in Tavullia, and I feel ready to race again. I really can not wait to start again. “Closed the Brazilian bloody man.

This season, Franco Morbidelli is still in a fight with Fabio Quartararo.

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