Ahead of Barcelona vs Liverpool, Firmino got injured?

In the middle of a very decisive preparation in the Champions League, Liverpool got a condition that was not good instead. The latest news says that Roberto Firmino will doubtfully play against Barcelona in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.

Justification of this condition was also conveyed directly by Jurgen Klopp, as the Liverpool coach, he felt a dilemma with this situation, because Firmino is one of the ‘killer weapons’ of the opponent’s goal this season.

The signs of Firmino in the process of healing the injury were seen, where he did not take part in the Liverpool match against Huddersfield Town. Luckily for them, because they won with a landslide score of 5-0, and for the time being returned to the top of the English Premier League standings.

After finishing with the Premier League, Liverpool then in preparation for the Camp Nou, because of the first leg of Champions League semi-final, Liverpool had the opportunity to play at home to Barcelona which is famously haunted for its opponents.

The semi-final round itself will only be held on 2 May 2019. In response to this situation, Klopp continued to show an optimistic attitude that Firmino would recover quickly and be able to re-strengthen Liverpool’s front row.

“He returned to training on Thursday. It’s not high intensity, we only work on little set-pieces and here and there a few things. “I didn’t see it in practice, it happened in the last situation of the training and he felt a slight disturbance in the muscles,” Klopp said.

“Now, the official diagnosis is there is a small tear in the small muscle, so apart from the word tear everything is positive. The result is he is ready for next Wednesday, but we clearly don’t know at this time. Therefore he is advised to rest longer to maintain the condition, but we’ll see.”

“From all the bad news, this is the best, but it’s still pretty bad so he can’t play tonight. No, nothing. I asked him, he said, ‘No, no, everything is fine’, “Klopp concluded.

In the meantime, the competition for the Premier League title this season is still ongoing. From the super tight season, now it is only a matter of Manchester City and Liverpool, if you look at the situation and conditions, both teams are still equally likely because in the last few matches it always shows an increase in performance.

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