Ahead of Champions League Final, Son says thank you to ex MU player

Ahead of 2018-2019 Champions League Final, Tottenham’s new star Son Heung-Min openly raises a rather strange but very emotional attitude. Where players of Asian descent feel very grateful to the former Manchester United player, Park Ji-Sung.

Amid the preparations against Liverpool on Sunday, 1 June 2019. Son expressed his deepest gratitude for Ji-Sung’s role for Asian footballers, who have worked in Europe. Referring to the comment, it is very clear that Ji-Sung is the most expensive Asian player in Europe.

In every season and week, Ji-sung has always been the core player of Manchester United, who has been strengthened for a long time on the English Premier League stage. The South Korean-born player is known to be very aggressive, fast, and explosive. Ji-Sung even got the nickname ‘Three Lungs Park’ because of the tireless style of the player.

Seen in every game, he continued to run while attacking and defending. No different from Ji-Sung, Son Heung-Min also became one of the core players in his team. Son actually emerged as a player, who was able to bear the burden of Tottenham when losing Harry Kane or Dele Alli.

“It is very remarkable, it is clear and cannot be debated. I respect him. I appreciate the [Asian] players who started playing in Europe because they opened the door and gave us a chance, “said Son Heung-Min.

“Playing in Europe is a dream that I always hope for. And now I have the opportunity to give a good image of the South Korean players and open the door wider with the comparison that happened before. ”

Son Heung-Min regained his burden as a player who was expected to be a differentiator against Liverpool in the Champions League final later. Positive expectations were also presented by Son Heung-Min, where if he was able to score even bring Tottenham to the championship, then he was listed as the first Asian player to successfully record history.

“My target is clear and I really want to record it. Of course it’s not as easy as I thought. I try to be like him [Ji-Sung] because he does a great job for us and our country, and that’s why I really respect him. ”

“Everyone knows him, there’s no doubting Park because he played for Manchester United and also made it to the final. The news became very big in South Korea, because he was the first Asian player to play in the Champions League final,” concluded Son Heung-Min.

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