Ahead of Chelsea vs Manchester United, Solskjaer doesn’t talk much about Pogba

Tonight London public will be presented with a big game presentation that brings Chelsea vs Manchester United. Amid the warm prediction of the ball to be won, it was seen how the preparation of the two teams were so mature with some obstacles that were present.

For now, Manchester United are a team that is burdened by the absence of several important players, including certainty of the absence of Paul Pogba.

Responding to this situation, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not want to talk too much about Pogba, and rather thought about which player was suitable to fill the position left by the French-born player.

Stamford Brigde will again witness the big meeting of the two English Premier League clubs in the play 16 round of the Carabao Cup 2019-2020 which will be broadcast live on Mola Tv Streaming on Thursday, 31 October 2019 in the early morning hours.

Both the Blues and the Red Devils are equally likely to win because they are in the form of the best performance. As host, foster children Frank Lampard is armed with seven consecutive wins in all competitions. And Manchester United itself won in two away games.

This match can be said as all the tests where the two teams actually had met at the beginning of the Premier League season, and Marcus Rashford was armed with high confidence for successfully hitting Chelsea 4-0.

However the situation is different now, with limitations and problems that exist in both teams. For that reason, Solskjaer stated directly with the existing shortcomings, and more towards the status of Pogba who will be absent long enough. Then it’s better to think about which players deserve to play in this super-hot match.

“There is no point in talking about who will not play here for a very long time, because he will not come to the field and help us until he is back in shape. Pogba is a brilliant player and he is the creative midfielder we need, but then depends on others to be able to replace him,” said Solskjaer.

It can be seen that there is a growing sense of confidence from Solskjaer’s attitude which is claimed to find his best formation in midfield with the courage to lose Fred as a pivot with Sott McTominay. Meanwhile, Andreas Pereira was ahead with the task of assisting the attack.

“Fred might be taking Pogba’s job for a while. It was very brilliant for us, but Andreas Pereira has grown in the last few matches. Pereira is a different type (player), but he can also play in a central position, “he concluded.

Fred and Pereira came to Old Trafford with many doubts which claimed would not be able to compete with existing players and the same position. But over time, things have changed and both players have slowly been able to answer Solskjaer’s confidence to keep him in the Red Devils main squad this season.

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