Ahead of Europa League Final, Baku Police successfully arrested Arsenal fans

The police in Baku, Azerbaijan just reported that it had arrested two Arsenal fans, who allegedly committed violations of clear order of the Europa League Final against Chelsea early in the morning.

Investigating, these two fans were arrested for carrying out the demonstration by wearing a Herinkh Mkhitaryan jersey. Until now, there have been many Arsenal fans in Baku. They tried to show 100 percent support for the struggle of Arsenal, which is expected to come out as champions in order to compete in the Champions League next season.

No different from them, there are also Chelsea fans who have arrived in Baku since two days before the kick off. The arrest process itself took place on Tuesday, 27 May 2019, where two Arsenal fans were secured by the raw police aged 30 years and a friend.

Both are known to be walking in the city of Baku, and withdrawing the action shows they are wearing a jersey with the name Mkhitaryan. If we dissect more deeply, then the name of Mkhitaryan is an Armenian citizen, a country that has political problems with Azerbaijan.

These two countries have been experiencing heat conflicts in recent months. Even this makes Mkhitaryan not play in the Europa League final. The arrest process did not go long, where the authorities immediately released the two Arsenal fans without a prisoner process.

Baku police released the action as a preventive attitude to Arsenal fans. The police did not want anything bad to happen to them for wearing the Mkhitaryan jersey in the center of the heating city of Baku.

“The police do not want fans who wear Mkhitaryan shirts to risk provoking locals who are angry with the political situation. Obviously no one wants violence to happen now,” quoted from the official statement from the Baku police.

UEFA as the highest European football federation has actually given a firm attitude by limiting the attitude of Arsenal fans to not take action beyond the limits. One of them, UEFA banned Arsenal’s plan to wear Mkhitaryan jersey to warm up.

So far, there have only been two Arsenal fans who have proven to violate the UEFA ban. It is recorded that up to now there are 6,000 Gunners fans in Baku. This amount is in accordance with the allocation of tickets given by UEFA to these two supporters of their respective teams both Arsenal and Chelsea.

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