Ahead of Madrid vs. Barca, Madrid not afraid of Messi

Santiago Solari with full confidence Real Madrid will give their best performance to beat Barcelona in the second leg of the Copa Del Rey semi-final, which will be broadcast live by SCTV on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

The match was certainly hot because in the first leg yesterday ended with a score of 1-1. Now, Madrid are in a favorable condition because they will play at home. As always, the game nicknamed EL Clasico is always difficult for both teams.

With a row of mega stars from both teams, sometimes these matches always end in small things. Madrid did not close themselves to mention if Barca are in good condition at this time. Then, it can be mentioned if this match will run equally strong.

In this EL Clasico match, one of the most highlighted names is Lionel Messi, because in the Madrid camp there is no longer the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. So far, Messi has always been the determinant of Barca’s victory in many important matches. Naturally, if Messi predicate as the world’s best player of all time.

However, Solari is not afraid of what Messi will do. This was seen when Solari got a question from many media regarding the preparation of his team and especially in guarding the movement of Messi.

“That question doesn’t deserve to come out when you ask about football. We enjoyed this competition, we channeled all our feelings and souls in this match. We strive to win every match. We want to enjoy it,” Solari said.

This hot game is very worth watching because Solari considered the two teams to be in the best condition. For this reason, he agrees when many people consider EL Clasico to be a world class match worthy of millions of eyes.

“Obviously the match will be a reverberating match, El Clasico like we used to face in Spain. This game turns Spain into the capital of world football, and this is one of the things that make Spain a beautiful country. ”

“Now it’s the Copa semifinals, the second leg, the first leg is finished. The match in the first leg then went great and I hope we will see the same thing tomorrow, “Solari said.

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