Ahmad Dhani accepted Jerinx’s ‘debate invitation’?

Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo, the personnel of Dewa 19 music band claimed to be ready to accept the Jerinx’s debate invitation, only there are conditions that must be obeyed in the debate later.

Ahmad Dhani had indeed been involved in an indirect debate with the SID Drummer. This is related to the 43 year old man posting on social media, where Jerinx claims that religion is part of a world conspiracy.

Not accepting the claims from Jerinx, Ahmad Dhani then responded via a video on his Youtube Channel. Responding to the video, Jerinx did not remain silent, he invited Mulan Jameela’s husband to debate openly.

The open debate referred to by Jerinx was carried out via Instagram, as he had had for some time with a doctor.

The invitation to the debate was well received by Ahmad Dhani, it’s just that in Islam, debate is not permitted.

“But actually I will not argue, because arguing about the religion of Islam is not allowed. Many Muslims don’t either. ”

“Many Muslims themselves like to debate religion. Because it is forbidden by religion, “Ahmad Dhani said in an interview with Luna Maya in one YouTube video.

Even so, the ex-husband of Maia Estianti is still ready to debate with Jerinx as long as the debate does not attack certain religions frontally.

“So just go ahead, respectively. The important thing is not to attack. Like Ahok, Al Maidah 51. He said the cleric was lying. It attacks his name. You can’t.”

“We can be different and we can’t debate religion and we can’t attack. If you have attacked again, “said Ahmad Dhani.

Jerinx has so far not provided answers regarding these requirements, which is clear he has had an argument with a doctor before. The debate occurred because of Jerinx’s post that said that coronavirus is part of a global conspiracy.

Nora Alexandra’s husband claimed that the Covid-19 virus was a laboratory engineering, so it is not surprising that his statement was opposed by many parties. In fact, his Twitter account was blocked by Twitter, because of many account abuse reports.

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